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At Life Estate Agents, we offer three levels of service depending on how involved landlords want to be.
These services are:

goldleaf Full Management – 11.5% per month +VAT

        • This service is suitable for Landlords:
        • Who live out of the area or reside abroad
        • Who do not wish to be involved in the day to day management of the property, Such as rent collection, maintenance, paying contractors, inspecting the property, ending tenancies, agreeing dilapidations from the check-out of tenancies.

silverleaf Rent Collection and Let Only – 9.5% per month +VAT

        • This service is suitable for Landlords:
        • Live close by and keep close eye on property
        • Do not wish to become too involved in the more delicate areas of the property management, such as rent collection and ending tenancies.

bronze-leaf Let Only Service – 8% per month + VAT

        • This service is suitable for Landlords:
        • Who live locally
        • Who want to manage every aspect of the tenancy but Life Estate Agents will find a suitable tenant.
All Landlord services subject to one off set up fee of £180 (incVAT.)

Service Breakdown

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Services Included

bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Initial rental assessment.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf All marketing and advertising.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf All viewings accompanied.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Process all references for tenant, guarantor or company let.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Arrange all necessary safety checks.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Prepare the tenancy agreement.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Collect the tenants’ security deposit and register it with the DPS.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Obtain the first month’s rent in advance.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Account to you in writing for initial monies.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Arrange inventory if required.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Organise gas and electrical safety inspections.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Notify utilities companies of meter readings, change in occupancy and termination of tenancy.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Notify the local authority of liability of Council Tax at the commencement and termination of the tenancy.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Transfer Initial rent monies into your nominated account.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Use of Life’s property maintenance service.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Liaise with you and your tenant regarding contract renewals.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Serve appropriate notice on tenants following your instructions.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Arrange check-out of tenants and send written confirmation.
bronze-leaf silverleaf goldleaf Forward the schedule of dilapidations for you to liaise with the tenant or for you to agree if you are using our Gold service.
silverleaf goldleaf Chase tenants for rent arrears, if any * (terms and conditions apply).
silverleaf goldleaf Rent guarantee and legal protection for each service (Included in our Silver 6 months and Gold packages 12 months* terms and conditions apply). Our Bronze package terms and conditions apply.
silverleaf goldleaf Collect your rent on a monthly basis. (see below for 6 month upfront payments).
silverleaf goldleaf Account to you in the form of a written statement and invoice on a monthly basis.
silverleaf goldleaf Pay utility bills, premiums, services and additional charges owed by the landlord from the rent received.
silverleaf goldleaf Send copies of your rent statements to your nominated financial advisor if required.
silverleaf goldleaf One inspection every 12 months or every quarter with our Gold service
silverleaf goldleaf Annual property report (property and market report, monthly statements and annual statements for tax purposes) with our gold package you will also receive maintenance reports and copies of the quarterly inspections reports.
goldleaf Organise for two quotations for repairs from our nominated contractors or your use your own contractor if you have one, and arrange for them to be carried out upon your instructions.
goldleaf Pay contractors from rent received if instructed to carry out repairs and maintenance to your property.
goldleaf Arrange for the purchase, delivery and installation of any item to be replaced.
goldleaf Manage your property on a day-to-day basis with our in-house maintenance company (material and labour not included).
goldleaf Life’s unique combined Management and Maintenance service.
goldleaf Liaise between both parties to reach a satisfactory conclusion to the tenancy.

For more information on any service please fill in your details below and you will be sent a copy of our landlords guide via email or alternatively give us a call or drop in and we will be more than happy to discuss everything with you.

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